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Rolex Replica Watches has been releasing new designs and modern updates of classic Ulysse concepts in 2014. The Swiss watchmaking company launched a new Imperial Blue timepiece this year.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches This timepiece features a Grand Sonnerie Westminster Carillon as well as a flying Tourbillon and a blue sapphire bridge.

The Grande Sonnerie function combines the repeater and the quarter-sticking function in order to tell the time audibly. It ring out four notes (Mi-DoRe-Sol) with each hour passing and can also sound the minutes, quarter-hours and hours on demand. The button can be used to ring out the hours.

This impressive tradition of Swiss sonnerie wristwatches has been carried on by the Swiss manufacturer for more than 100 years. This complication is from around 1300,Rolex Replica Watches and only a few watchmakers still produce them today.

The difference between a minute repeater and the Grande Sonnerie is that the second only sounds the time when the wearer activates it, whereas the first will sound the time every quarter hour.

Ulysse-Nardin also had to overcome the challenge of developing a movement which could manage energy needed to power both the Sonnerie complication as well as the repeater functions using a single mainspring.

The barrel spring can be wound partially by activating the repeater slider on the middle of the case at 9 o'clock or fully by rotating the crown in the opposite direction. The second barrel which is used to power the timekeeping functions can hold up to 50 hours when fully charged. It is wound using the traditional clockwise rotation of the crown.

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